Chelsea morning trio



I love me some Joni Mitchell. Her lyrics are like butta. I’ve gone in phases with my favorite songs, but I am on a serious Chelsea Morning kick right now.  Like, maaaaaybe I listen to it nine times in a row in my car when I’m driving home from preschool drop-off. MAYBE. While I listen to it I imagine myself alone in a nice, cozy, sunny, quirky apartment in New York painting something awesome and eating milk, toast, honey, and oranges (obvs) (but not really because I don’t like milk).

Well, wouldn’t you know it- those words swirled and twirled in my head for weeks, until one glorious morning I strategically mentioned on Facebook that I was alone with my children listening to Joni Mitchell, drinking coffee, and eating biscuits and my friends just happened to invite themselves over to join me. Totally not my intention (ahem). And while we sat, drank, and listened, I doodled this little trio. Which I am in LOVE with. It is not an official, official print yet- these are just the doodles in my sketchbook. But one day I will make beautiful, colorful prints of them and hang them in my kitchen and find lots of reasons to wander in and out of my kitchen all day to just stare at them for a few seconds (hopefully in a totally non-judgemental way, because ARTISTS).

(here they are individually)

(and can one of my photographer friends please have mercy on me? Seriously. I need HELP.):




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