Jellyman kelly

I have a serious love affair with James Taylor. I was pretty obviously born in the wrong decade. This summer, my husband and I went to see him in concert and for reasons I don’t even really understand I wept uncontrollably as he sang “In My Mind I’m Going to Carolina.” I’ve never been to the Carolinas.

Embarassingly (kind of), one of my favorite things he ever did was his performance of “Jellyman Kelly” on Sesame Street. You can view it here and it is PRECIOUS:

It has been a favorite of our little family and we sing it to our kids at bedtime all of the time. I love me some whimsical lyrics and doodled a little Jellyman Kelly that I dream of making for my girls’ room someday, hopefully before they turn 14- you know, in all of my “free” time.




In reality, I am in the beginning stages of working on my holiday “collection.” I have a hard time taking that word seriously. But, if all goes according to plan, I think it will be darling. Stay tuned!

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