Several months ago I got a call from a family I had known when we lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan a few years ago. Their eldest daughter, Greta, was getting married and they were interested in having me design their wedding invitations.

“Yes! I would love to!”

“Great. Let me tell you a little bit about the event. The theme is sort-of Victorian, outdoorsy, vintage with a dash of steampunk.”

“Okay. Great! Let me work up some sketches!”



I’ve never made a wedding invitation before. I don’t have a computer. Or a scanner. Or Photoshop. And I have never in my life even heard the word “steampunk” before.

Thank you, Google.

I crafted some sketches with the palette and some icons/images that were meaningful to the bride and groom.




Greta and her fiancé, Erty, settled on the portrait style one. Once we did some tweaks and I created the invitation suite, my friend, Kristen, over at RockPaperScissors Creative Consulting helped me digitize everything and get it all sent off to the bride and groom. Here’s how they turned out!



Greta and Erty’s adorable wedding was just featured on the wedding blog, Offbeat Bride. Greta was kind enough to link to me as one of her vendors! None of my actual work is featured in the post, but hop over there to check out a beautiful wedding with a steampunk feel and to see my little name at the bottom with the other vendors 🙂

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