Simplicity and threeletterbirds Giveaway!

YOU GUYS. I’ve made it to the big time! A blog giveaway! Meet my friend, Samara Postuma, of Simplicity in the Suburbs. We were friends way back in college. That’s my frappuccino on the table over there. We were all nineteen once, okay?!


On one occasion I came home from class finding Samara attempting to move my futon from my room as a practical joke. The next day she found her bed in the laundry room 🙂 She initiated my DEEP, DEEP LOVE for Starbucks (thank you a million times over, dear friend!). And now she’s a super cool mom of FIVE and an accomplished writer and blogger! I have depended on her infinite wisdom for things like handling small children on road trips (she is BRILLIANT). We’re going to meet up at the end of the month for the Chicago Storyline conference and I can’t wait to talk kids and doing things you love and I’m sure there’ll be some Starbucks in there 🙂

Samara has been so supportive of my business and wants to share the love and give away a non-custom print of your choice from my shop! Hop on over to her blog to check out the details!

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