Mother’s Day Dream-Gift-Basket

Mother’s Day is a day I feel no shame in asking for exactly what I want. I have seriously EARNED those breakfasts in bed and carefully-picked-out-gifts by enduring hours upon hours of all-things-Frozen, one hundred million ‘Can I have a snack?’s, and the many hours of watching Parks and Rec on Netflix STOLEN from me by children refusing to go to bed on time.

So, dear, sweet husband (and dear, sweet friends’ spouses), if I could assemble my DREAM Mother’s Day gift basket, full of all of the things I’m obsessing about right now, here’s what it would be filled with:

1. A big, rustic looking chalkboard from Hurd and Honey. I love to doodle a welcome message or a menu when we’re having friends over for a gathering and these chalkboards are GORGEOUS. (Slightly large for a gift basket, I realize. Just go with it.)

2. More and more and more jewelry from Jill Makes. I just bought a few things from her and her packaging is ADORABLE. And I would like more Gold Tassel Necklaces in every color, please. And an Initial Token Necklace. And the light mint Charmed Rope Bracelet. And the light pink one. And…

3. TOPS on my list, for sure, is a tumbler from the Mason Bar Company. “The 24” is nice and big for a giant iced coffee or ice water (and it fits in a cup holder!). I would like a mint lid and a clear straw, please. And perhaps throw in a Whiskey Leather Cuff? And if you go straight to their website, you can also purchase GOLD metal bands to screw my mint lid on with. Which I NEED.

4. Piles of Bath Truffles and Bath Bombs from Eight Hands Handmade Soap. Linda is my husband’s aunt and she has the COOLEST soap-candle-other-cool-things making studio in her garage. The Bath Truffles and Bath Bombs aren’t yet available on Etsy, but the soaps there are so yummy smelling and are safe and natural. If you go to her Facebook page, you can inquire about her other bath accessories!

5. Had to share a little ThreeLetterBirds love. I like making art that I would want to buy for myself and the “May the God of Women” print is one such item. I already have the pink one framed in a big white frame with a big white mat in my dining room, but if I didn’t, it would for sure be in my dream-gift-basket.

6. Design Mom’s new book Design Mom: How to Live with Kids: A Room by Room Guide is already on it’s way from Amazon (a Mother’s Day gift to myself 🙂 ). I’m pretty new to Design Mom, but I love her blog. I have two small children and am passionate about decorating my living spaces, so if she can tell me how to make my house look more like this:


And less like this:


Then I am ALL IN.

7. I discovered this lady and these clogs through Instagram- where I spend an embarrassing amount of my time every day- and am OBSESSED. I love the Maguba High Heel Valencia T-Bar Clog in red-orange, but honestly, every time they post a picture of any red clogs, my heart starts beating faster.

[In addition to the dream-gift-basket, my wishes for Mother’s Day include a grande iced coffee (2 Stevias and plenty of Half and Half) delivered to me from Starbucks, all three meals prepared with little-to-no participation on my part, and lots of time spent with my crazy, crazy little girls (and, you know, a small chunk of time UTTERLY ALONE).]


Prior to opening my own shop, I had never even been on Etsy and now it is my favorite place to shop. I have discovered the absolute joy of shopping “small” and buying interesting and unique items from innovative and creative small businesses. Whatever gifting needs you have in the coming months, consider checking out Etsy or other small businesses!

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